Maybelle is one of our cherished Sanctuary dogs.  Maybelle is not available for adoption.  For information on our adoptable pets, please visit Adopt-A-Pet

(Needs – medical) About 5 years ago Maybelle came to us from a local animal shelter where her owner dropped her off because she knew Maybelle was ill but she could not afford to have her seen by a vet.  Upon arrival at the animal shelter, Maybelle was unable to walk and she had a head tilt.  Staggering walk and head tilt usually indicates vestibular disease and it is important to determine its cause in order to treat it appropriately.  Our veterinarian referred us to a neurologist.  Unfortunately the test results showed that Maybelle had a brain tumor and that she would not live longer than a few months.  While in foster care Maybelle was treated with prednisone to attempt to slow the tumor growth, the prednisone then caused a skin condition called calcinosis cutis.  Due to the severity of her skin condition she went to The Nest where director Sabine could treat her and monitor her closely.  The good news is that with treatment her tumor disappeared!  However, by then she was so comfortable at The Nest that we decided this would be her home, where her condition could be treated and monitored closely.

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