We cannot say enough about how The Nest helped us out of a very difficult situation. We had two female terriers who were no longer getting along; it was clear to us that we could not keep both dogs. We contacted all of our friends to see if anyone could take Shelby, our most recent shelter adoption, but had no luck in finding her a suitable home. We wanted to have some say in were Shelby was placed, but had no idea how to make that happen.  After seeing listings from The Nest on Petfinder, we contacted them via email to see if they could help. Sabine responded quickly and her assistance was amazing. She came to the house and met Shelby to get a sense of where she might fit in. Sabine posted Shelby on Petfinder, screened all the applicants and matched Shelby to a wonderful home (in Shelbyville, no less). Sabine came to our house when the new owners visited to make sure that it would be a good fit for all parties involved. Her love for animals is evident, and the services she and The Nest provide to the community of area pet owners-both current and prospective-are invaluable.

John and Jennifer Naab,  Bloomington, IN


Our deepest thanks to Sabine and her team at The Nest for their loving, dedicated work in finding homes for some very precious animals and for our newest member of our family, Onkel Wilhelm, now Rocket, a beautiful mini Dachshund.  After talking to Sabine for just a few minutes you know these animals are her passion. They receive the best of care and lots of love and attention.  Sabine helped us through the adoption process and made sure all our questions were answered and she gave us lots of helpful advice regarding dog behavior and nutrition.  My husband and I highly recommend The Nest for a healthy, loving and happy pet.


Ron and Kathy Sclight, Bowling Green, IN


My husband and I recently adopted a senior dog from The Nest.  The whole adoption process was a very good experience.  We were contacted right after we filled out an adoption application and Sabine assisted us with determining whether Charlie was a good fit for our family.  When we met Charlie, we brought our other dog, Jack.  Jack has special needs and Sabine provided the best environment for Jack to meet his new friend.  They both took to each other immediately.  Sabine gave us all the information regarding Charlie’s recent visit to the vet and his dental check-up.  Everything was taken care of so he was up-to-date on his vaccinations and dental care.  Charlie was a perfect fit and we are very happy to have him and he seems to be happy to have us as well.  If we were to consider adopting another pet, we would be sure to contact The Nest.  I believe that the folks at The Nest really care about the animals that they take in and want the best placement for them.  It is very important that they continue to be able to do what they do in placing animals that are older, have special needs, or are behaviorally challenged.  These animals deserve a chance and The Nest gives them that chance.

Mary Davis and Mick Gregory, Indianapolis


I adopted Stanley, a Basenji mix from The Nest. It was a wonderful experience and I really appreciated the professionalism and the true love for animals that The Nest shares. The Nest is different from an animal shelter in that it puts all its animals in a foster program. The dogs get to stay in households with families and other pets. They get regular attention and care that they would not always receive at a shelter. Stanley started out in an overcrowded animal shelter where he was running out of time. While in foster care through The Nest, Stanley received all veterinary care as necessary, and he had individualized nutrition based on his needs. He lived with other dogs and got to spend time on the couch and on laps (which he loves!). I saw Stanley at an adoption event where I could interact with him and ask any questions I could think of. The Nest is very concerned about the dogs’ well being. They make sure the match would be a good one before allowing someone to adopt a dog. They will even take the dog back should things not work out. I decided to foster Stanley with the possibility of adopting him. After having him for a week I adopted him officially. He fits our family perfectly and I have The Nest to thank for it. They are a great organization that provides excellent services for dogs and prospective adopters. The Nest team has a lot of knowledge and experience and they truly care about what is best for each animal. If you are interested in getting a dog that will fit with your life and family then look to The Nest for assistance. You will not regret it.

Megan Ertel, Bloomington, IN