Senior Dogs

At The Nest we particularly cherish the older dogs. While most people prefer a younger dog, there are many very good reasons to adopt a senior dog.

Know what you’re getting.  And older dog’s personality has already developed and his body has reached full size.

They are already house-trained.  Thank goodness!  Let’s just say that the potty training is not the best part of having a puppy.  An older dog already knows the ropes and will adjust quickly to taking care of his business at your house.

You can still have many good years together.  Small dogs, especially, can live to be 15 or even older.  At The Nest, we have several dogs that are 15 years or older. They are still full of life and love and fun to be around. When you choose and older dog, you save his life and open up space at a shelter or rescue for another dog to be saved.

Older dogs can be less demanding.  Shorter walks and more cuddles may be just what seniors need.  If that fits your needs, consider an older dog.  If you have an illness that prevents you from walking long distances or throwing tennis balls for an hour, you and an older dog might be a perfect match.  They don’t need as much exercise and you won’t have to struggle to keep up with them.

You can meet your commitment to the dog.  If you, yourself, are older or don’t already have your life all planned out for the next twenty years, maybe an older dog will best fit into your life.  Of course, no one knows the future, but adopting an older dog may be a commitment for the next five years, say, rather than the next fifteen.

Mellowness.  Older dogs aren’t as nervous and high-strung as puppies.  They’ve been around the block and seen the world. They probably won’t freak out if you wear a hat or open an umbrella, they’ve seen those things before.

Easy training.  It’s a total myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Older dogs have a longer attention span and less nervous energy, so they are ready to focus on what you have to teach them.  I just taught a 13 year old dog how to use doggie steps to get on the couch.  He thought lounging on the couch was the best thing ever!

Gratitude.  Older dogs know you saved them, and they love you for it.  If they’ve had a hard life, they appreciate it all the more.  Soft blankets and tasty treats are even sweeter when you’ve gone without them before.

Thanks for adopting a senior dog!

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