Adult - Male

Titus is one of our cherished Sanctuary dogs.  Titus is not available for adoption.  For information on our adoptable pets, please visit Adopt-A-Pet



At about 5 years old Titus was abandoned/dropped off in a crate at a vet office together with his brother Brutus (he got adopted as he was very friendly). Upon arrival at The Nest, Titus was extremely timid and cowered and screeched when you approached him and tried to touch him.  He is very particular about which humans and dogs he wants to interact with and it took him a very long time to become more comfortable around people.  To this day he still has reservations about being touched. He is also an escape artist and was determined to go running the streets a few times. He needed a fenced in area wherever a door opened to ensure that he could not escape. With low interest in him from potential adopters, his special needs, and him beginning to feel at home at The Nest sanctuary, we decided to make it his forever place.  For more information about The Nest Sanctuary, please visit the “Sanctuary” link from our Main Menu, or click on this link: